Week 11 (03/5 – 09/5) – Comparison of results with the obtained ground truth

Besides writing, this week was focused on improving the developed quantitative evaluation tool.

First, the ground truth grid was corrected with the right orientation. Then, the necessary was to clean the calculated limits to only contemplate the closest limits to the car. Once the main goal is to obtain the navigable limits of the road, everything besides that is unnecessary information and it was eliminated. This allows to overlay the ground truth grid with the new cleaned grid and perform a preliminary qualitative evaluation, as seen in vid. 1 (0:40min).

In general, the algorithm seems to obtain good results in the calculated limits and they mostly correspond to the real limits.

Vid. 1: Visualization of the ground truth overlaid with the closest limits to the car (Laplace filter). (Daniela Rato, 2019)

To perform a quantitative evaluation, the previously mentioned statistical measures were calculated. As discussed, this measures depends on the true and false positives and negatives. In this case, the unity was consider a grid square.

The results, for each frame that contemplates the ground truth extension, were exported to a CSV file that can be uploaded to a spreadsheet for further calculations.

Fig. 1 shows a ROC curve obtained from the Laplace filter grid.

Fig. 1: ROC curve of the statistical results given by the analysis of the Laplace Filter occupancy grid. (Daniela Rato, 2019)

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