Week 8 (12/4 – 18/4) – Development of an quantitative evaluation tool

This week, the presented challenge was to develop a tool/application to help identify the road limits’ ground truth and calculate the statistical measures.

The initial idea was to develop a GTK application with three windows, with a street map to select the road limits manually, an image of the limits detected by the chosen algorithm and camera image provided by the car camera. This idea is now on stand by due to difficulties migrating the street map to an OpenCv or GTK environment.

Then the option became to draw the limits in the Google Earth application and save them in a .kml file. This file would be upload and read in the code and drawn in an occupancy grid, which would be easily compared to the other grids with the calculated limits. The main challenges in this approach is the conversion between latitude and longitude coordinates in the generated .kml file to meters.

This week, a .kml file was also created with the data from the car GPS antena. This allows to visualize the traveled path in Google Earth to later draw the road limits. Mapviz was also used to visualize the created grids and images in the correct place according to GPS data.

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